Favorite Song List V

This is my favorite musical list
(not in order)
* A Whole New World from Aladdin
* Never Had A Friend Like Me from Aladdin
* Aquarius from Hair
* Manchester from Hair
* Hair from Hair
* Good Morning Starshine from Hair
* Bonjour from Beauty and the Beast
* Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast
* Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast
* Camelot from Camelot
* If Ever I Would Leave You from Camelot
* What Do the Simple Folk Do from Camelot
* Macavity The Mystery Cat from Cats
* Memory from Cats
* Start of Something New from High School Musical
* Breaking Free from High School Musical
* We Go Together from Grease
* You're The One That I Want from Grease
* Summer Love from Grease
* Almost Paradise from Footloose
* Footloose from Footloose
* Journey to The Past from Anastasia
* The Avenue Q Theme from Avenue Q

All videos are linked to Youtube

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Favorite Song List IV

This is a list for fast, dance, rap type of songs.
(not in order)
* Air Force Ones by Nelly
* Bump, Bump, Bump by B2K feature Diddy
* Hell Yeah by Ginuwine
* La Gasolina by Daddy Yankee
* My Love by Justin Timberlake
* Riding Dirty by Chamillionaire feature Krayzie Bone
* Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
* Toxic by Britney Spears
* Beautiful by Snoop Dogg
* Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls
* Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
* London Bridges by Fergie
* Pump It Up by Joe Buddens
* Yeah by Usher (Remix version)
* Say U Love Me by Jason & 南拳媽媽Lara
* Showtime by 羅志祥
* 脫掉 by 杜德偉
* 真命天子 by 羅志祥 feature 蔡依琳
* 精武門 by 羅志祥

All videos are linked to Youtube

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Favorite Song List III

(not in any particular order)
* My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
* Botton by The Pussycat Dolls
* When I'm Gone by 3 Doors Down
* Yesterday Once More by Carpenters
* Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
* Hate (I Really Don't Like You) by Plain White T's
* Going Under by Evanescence
* Piece of Me by Ashlee Simpson
* Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera
* All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
* Twinkle by 羅志祥 & Kuda Kumi
* 碎碎唸 by 羅志祥 (from Yam Blog)
* 你的微笑 by F.I.R.
* 祝我生日快樂 by 溫嵐
* 終結孤單 by 五月天
* 惡狼傳說 by 張學友
* 惡作劇 by 王藍茵
* 寓言 by 張韶涵
* Hey! Minna Genki Kai by Kinki Kids
* 一路上有你 by 張學友
* Steady by Speed
* 你是我唯一的執著 by 言承旭

All videos are from Youtube unless specify

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Favorite Song List II

This is a list for relaxing, slow songs
(not in any particular order)
* Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson Watch
* Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie Watch
* Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls Watch
* Come Clean by Hilary Duff Watch
* Hero by Mariah Carey Watch
* Sexy Love by Ne-Yo Watch
* Through the Rain by Mariah Carey Watch
* Hey There Delilas by Plain White T's Watch
* 一千個傷心的理由 by 張學友 Watch
* 自戀 by 羅志祥 Watch
* 情網 by 張學友 Watch
* 等你等到我心痛 by 張學友 Watch (Cantonese version)
* 那又怎麼樣呢 by 張玉華 Watch (the song is at the end of the drama)
* 回頭太難 by 張學友 Watch
* 東風破 by 周杰倫 Watch
* 幾分 by 羅志祥 Watch
* 遇到 by 方雅賢 Watch
* 聽見 by 方雅賢 Watch

All videos are linked to Youtube

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Favorite Song List I

(Not in any particular order)
* Happy Together by The Turtles Watch Video
* Absolutely (Story of A Girl) by Nine Days Watch Music Video
* Lullaby by Vienna Teng Watch Live Video
* Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston Watch Music Video
* 1985 by Bowling for Soup Watch Music Video
* Bad Day by Daniel Powter Watch Music Video
* Our Time Now by Plain White T's Watch Video
* Reflection of Passion by Yanni Watch Music Video
* Ohio (Come Back to Texas) by Bowling for Soup Watch Video
* The Riddle by Five for Fighting Watch Music Video
* 自我催眠 by 羅志祥 Watch Music Video
* 力量 by 羅志祥 Watch Music Video
* 孤單北半球 By 林依晨 Watch Music Video
* Lydia by F.I.R. Watch Music Video
* 左右為難 by 張學友 & 鄭中基 Watch Music Video
* 愛轉角 by 羅志祥 Watch Music Video
* 我真的受傷了 by 張學友 Watch Music Video
* 靠近一點點 by 南拳媽媽Lara Watch Music Video
* 晴天 by 周杰倫 Watch Music Video
* 地下鐵 by 蕭亞軒

All the videos are linked to Youtube

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On What A Unique Concept!

Justice ought to be fair.

President George W. Bush, speaking at White House Economic Conference

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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有些人的愛情像洛杉磯一樣永遠是晴天Sunny有些像是大雨綿綿的西雅圖。Heavy rain
有些是永遠都霧霧的倫敦,Fog 有些是大雪紛飛的丹佛。Abundant snow falls

是情時多雲偶陣雨的台北呢?Showers or stormy rain 還是雨過天晴的巴黎?Rain becoming less frequent, or showers
是四季如春的恆春但也免不了颱風的襲擊呢?Stormy showers, or developing rainstorms 還是撥雲見日的紐約?Rain becoming less frequent, or showers

有些人在同一地方永不走, 似乎在期許些奇蹟。
有些人想要走卻沒有勇氣, 似乎已經被雨淋得沒有力氣。
有些人一個地方接著一個地方的流浪, 似乎是想要找到那個真正屬於自己的天氣, 還是只是想玩耍呢?


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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Zero IQs,
Computer Users With

* Is that the letter zero or the number zero?
*How do you type an uppercase zero?

actual questions asked by callers to computer tech-support lines

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Editor's Advice, Bad

You'll never make any money out of children's books, Jo. Keep your real job.

Bloomsbury Books editor to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, after purchasing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. (for $1,910) in 1996

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Fancy Pants World II

This is for whoever like Fancy Pants Adventure. They have a World II demo! I can't wait until Fancy Pants World II comes out!!!
(Click the image to go to the game)

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ps. 我的懶惰病又發作了...存了一大堆圖檔都沒上色....糟....

Anyway... found this article on ppt
※ 引述《windtalk (竺竺)》之銘言:
: 標題: 今天去看嚇死鬼...
: 時間: Sat Jan 27 04:52:48 2007
: 全部預告片全部都是恐怖片...
: 亂精采的
: 哈哈..
: 說到嚇死鬼...
: 其實劇情講出來就沒什麼好玩的...
: 還是等多一點人看過再來討論吧^^
: --
: → bobbyx:你在講什麼.... 現在小朋友的中文程度實在是....... 01/27 11:30
: 推 akiehls:應該是好評吧XD



(Click image to go to official website)

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Those All Too Frequent Once-In-A-Lifetime Moments

You only get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so many times.

Pittsburg Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor, after being chosen to start in an exhibition game (thanks to Rachael Gladys and Daniel Durschlag)

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Little Loki

Another adventure kind of game. I love when Loki got burn!! Umm.... that doesn't sound right. Well.. it's cute!

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Fancy Pants Adventure

One of the cool games I played recently...

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Website Design

So I created another website for selling my stuff. I like this one more (well.. I spent a lot more time on it, too). I used div for everything and I also used an external style sheet because it is easier to manage. Enjoy~ (Click the image to the website)

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脫掉? 拖吊?


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Dry Fire

So you might think it is a stupid game.. Well... It is but it is sooooooooooo addicted!!!!!!!
"A BUNDLE OF" people kept coming to me... so... I have to kill them...

I achieved Wave 21. See what's your level! (Click the image to play!)

Update: I actually won!!!! My score is 2033751!!
I am no.10 of Hall of Frame of Today

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Ok, We Won't Anymore

Warning on a bottle of hair coloring:


From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On And If You Want A Ride On The Ferris Wheel, You Go To The Butcher Shop

Game show host Peter Marshall:

What do you life if you're a carnivore?


Um, I go to Carnivals

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Gender Confusion
sign at a restaurant in Baguio, Philippines

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Now WHAT Chapter Is This Again?

That's a chapter, the last chapter of the 20th, 20th, the 21st century that most of us would rather forget. The last chapter of the 20th century. This is the first chapter of the 21st cenutry.

President George W. Bush, on the Monica Lewinsky Scandal

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Zoo Patrons, Not Much Smarter Than The Average Bear

* Will we see animals on the tour?

* How long is the 35-minute bus tour?

* You have signs all over with maps that say "You are here." Why don't they put that on the hand-held maps so we can figure out where we are?

questions asked of a San Diego Zoo tour-bus driver

(thanks to Barbara Glasser)

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Thanks For The Info
WPLY-FM (Philadelphia) DJ:
Where can I buy a big inflatable snowman for my yard?

Caller: You can pretty much find them wherever they sell them

(thanks to Carol Slowey)

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Stupidest Things Ever Said

On Fascinating Football Facts
ILLEGAL MOTION: Movement by an offensive player before the play starts. There are movements that are allowed, but the illegal ones are not.
from the Better Homes and Gardens "Football Primer," on bhg.com (thanks to Frank Yates)

From THE 365 STUPIDEST THINGS EVER SAID CALENDAR http://www.pageaday.com/

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Get a Mac Spoof

SPOOF TIME!!!!! Because the campaign was so successful! There are so many funny spoof out there! Here are some of my favorite ones

CopyCat. They make fun of Vista that is exactly like Mac OS

Official CopyCat Website (Their website is even like the mac one)

Canadian comedy group TrueNuff has a series of mac spoof. They also add Linux!

TrueNuff Website to Watch More!!

David Poque who works as the technolgy columnist for New York Times made this parodies about HP and new Kodak printer. Pretty cool!

Watch more Pogue's video

This is GreenPeace as part of their making mac more environmental friendly campaign

GreenPeace Official Campaign Website (Wow.. I never know that Mac is so not green. Um... think more whenever I use mac..)

This is a spoof for Novell Ninux. Well.. I guess Ninux wants their share of market, too! Umm.. Never used a Ninux before.

Watch more Novell Linux spoof!!

Official Novell Linux Website

Now is PC's time to show the world why it is better than Mac

Watch more PC vs Mac (There are three more!)

Another spoof shows why PC is better than Mac

Watch part 2 & Watch part 3

PS3 vs Wii from G4 TV. Hahaha.. I don't really play games but is that true? I mean... sure Wii is prettier but PS3 is awesome, too, right?

G4 TV website

David Letterman made this mac spoof in his Late Show

Watch more of the Letterman Mac Spoof!

How about the South Park version

Royal Canadian Air Farce made a political parodies. It's great! You've gotta watch it if you are into politic or just want a laugh.
Go to the website to watch clips (There are quite a few of them but you need to find them)

This is just something random I found that David Pogue comparing Vista to Mac.
Yeah.. there is really NO similarity. haha

Watch more spoof? There is actually a website for all the popular ones

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Get a Mac campaign

"Get a Mac" campaign is one of my favorite ad campaign of all time. It is a brilliant idea to compare Mac and PC in a humorious way. Their ad agency is TBWA. They are pretty cool! Last time we went to TBWA in LA and the agency is like a playground!!!

This is the new commercial about Vista........... SOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!! I hate Vista!!! OMG...

Official Get A Mac Campaign website
--Watch all the commercials plus holiday special ones. They are sooo funny! (Need QuickTime)
--看所有的廣告!是英文的喔!(需要Quick Time)

--My comic about my experience with Vista (in Chinese)

Get a Mac 廣告的中文翻譯 (薄荷雨的部落格)


This is Get A Mac ad that air in Japan! They are pretty similar to the ones in US but they also have a couple of their own ones.
這是日本版的get a mac ad. 也很不錯喔!(有英文字幕)
Japanese Get A Mac CM 1 Subtitled "Nicknames" (with English subtitle)

Official Japanese Get A Mac website (need QuickTime)
--Watch the rest of the ad campaign!

This is the UK version of Get a Mac. Pretty cool

Official UK Get A Mac website (need QuickTime)
--Watch the rest of the ads

Wiki entry about the campaign

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幾個星期前畫的............因為tablet pen還是不太會用,所以只用來上色....


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Web Page Design

I helped my friend made this simple webpage to sell his books. I used CSS and div to divide the frame. (Click the image to the site)

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※立即加入 555個部落格 同聲疾呼「 缺我不行」串連行動

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Dress Up Game

I was just surfing around and found this online game website. There's a category called, "girly game." There are many dress up games. I was bored so I played... Hehe..not bad for the first try! It's pretty fun! I like to play with style! Pretty good styling, eh? haha...


(From left to right, up to down) Style 1. I did her hair, ear rings, clothes, bag and belt. It is my favorite style. This is very casual and it can go with any season and any location. However, I can totally see her in Cali, walking along the beach. Inside the blouse, she can wear bikini. It is a little Bohemian style. Although it is casual, she can go clubbing with this outfit because she has a very nice shoes on!

Style 2. I like her hair. I normally don't like short hair but she has this great hair color and style. What I did was just adding the hat, ear rings and necklace. I like her being very simple and modern. I think she can go without the hat but I think the hat add something special. I also did her make-up. I put a soft color on her lip and a slightly darker foundation (I don't like girls too pale). I put a nice purple shadow because I think that's sexy.

Style 3 & 4. They are pretty much the same as Style 2 but the hair is different. I love Style 3's hair! It is exactly the hair I want!!! You can be cute with it, or sophisticate, or sexy...etc. Anything! So nice!

Style 5. Again, it is a very casual and smiple styling. I usually don't like blonde hair but this is the only hair styling I found that goes with the outfit. It has the color pink theme. Very cute! 很夢幻!

Style 6. Casual, simple. Don't need to say more. I love her hair style. I put a little more blush on her that makes her look 有水色

Style 7. Same style as Style 6 but I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!!

Style 8. Last style and one of my favorite as well. It is very simple. A half strapless T-shirt (斜邊袖), black mini skirt, and fancy coat. Love her sun glasses, love her hat. Love everything! She can go with this outfit in NYC or night club in L.A.

(Click the image to go to the game!)

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我: 我回來了!
娘: 吃西瓜吧!
我: 蝦米!?有西瓜 (馬上奔過去吃)

我: 怎麼沒有冰?
娘: 為什麼要冰的?
我: 吃西瓜本來就要冰的啊!要大口大口的蹲在路邊咬 (想像中....)
娘: 還要穿藍白拖鞋和花襯衫是吧!
我: 對對對!沒錯! (感動娘也是台客支持者)

那時候就在想,什麼時候台客變那麼紅?以前台客是種鄙視,就有點像美國說從亞洲移民或唸書來的、講話有口音、俗俗的人叫fob,意思是fresh out of boat。就有點類似我們叫在美國出生的華人abc的相反。Fob一開始是有點嘲笑、歧視的意思,fobby是表示你的行為很像亞洲剛來美國還傳承很多亞洲人的習慣,像是喜歡比YAY,這被代表是最fobby的動作。不過近年來,fob只是一個稱呼,當然還有很多人associate it with歧視,不過一般都沒有惡意。

想現在的台克也發展出有名的文化,5566雖然很台,可是非常受歡迎,吳宗憲的節目在有華人的地方都很紅,他也很台,現在好像不會講台灣話就落伍了!自己很喜歡這種改變,雖然我台灣話講得也很不標準,但是很喜歡台灣人漸漸喜歡自己文化的感覺! (我不是在講台化運動啊!)



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Social Cause or Social Cost?

Recently I was reading this article "[ microsoft / WLM ] im 一下,真能做善事? ." Basically the article was discussing about the new social initiative Microsoft started (I'm MAKING A DIFFERENCE ). If you put on logo of your choice of organization in front of your name, you give money every time you chat with friends. The article argues that you have to be Windows Live Messanger 8.1 user to have that feature and if you don't have that version (Windows NY, 2000, or below), you can't read the friend list screen. You have to use Windows XP or VISTA. Therefore, Microsoft probably makes more money than any of the non-profit organiztions it sponsored.

It is true. Although I don't like Microsoft that much (I want my MAC!!!!!), I like Bill Gate. He donate tons of money to numerous organizations to help social cause or medical research every year. It might be Microsoft's new marketing strategy, but I have nothing to lose.

However, the "social cause marketing" has been using by many organizations. For examples, you see a lot of back to school sales by Wal-Mart or Target every fall. They promise to give back the money to the local schools if you buy specific products. Or you see a lot of different products that would donate their partial profit to non-profit organizations, such as Gap's new initiative

. It helps the AIDS in Africa and it is part of the Product Red Campaign . The entire campaign is extremely success with numerous celebrities endorsement.

Or the most advertised social cause is breast cancer. Have you noticed one month of year, there are many products became pink? Pink M&M chocolate, pink T-shirt, pink credit card, pink pen...etc. Everything you can think of become pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Social cause? Or just marketing strategy?

Why coporations and marketers like social cause marketing?
1. They get better result in sales
2. They have better brand image relate to social cause
3. They feel good about themselves
4. They get good tax break
5. It's easier to get celebreties endorsement

Why consumers like social related products?
1. It makes them feel good about themeslves
2. Most people don't like to donate. They want to get something in return
3. They feel they became something bigger than themselves
4. It might become a new fasion and you want to be part of it

So let's go back to back to school sales. Who win? The consumers? Probably not. We shop anyway and sometimes we might shop more because we feel it is for a good cause. Then the schools? Well..... as you know, government give less and less money for the schools because they have less and less money. Therefore, the schools have to partner with corporation to have resources they need. The companies get more sales and they give little back to the schools. Then the companies get good tax break because of their "social cause" and the government receives less money in tax. Finally, the government gives less to the school. Got it? It is a bad cycle.
How about the pink products? For example, Post-It Note has the pink note during Breast Cancer Awarness Month for more money. However, it probably costs about the same price to produce it and I doubt non-profit organization they support gain as much as the company's profit. And don't forget about the upper limit. Many companies set upper limit for the donation in very very small print on the ad. Most people can't even see them. In additions, many cosmetics companies claim to be the supporters for breast cancer. However, the scary truth is most companies use chemicals that proven to be associations with breast cancer or the companies wouldn't sign the agreement of safe chemical for breast cancer. Companies such as Estée Lauder, Revlon, Avon and MaryKay are examples. (source: think before you pink ). In my opinion, breast cancer awareness became a brand itself and it is over marketed. It is easier to sell because it is related to sex and people are aware of it. Lung cancer kills more women every year than breast cancer but you don't see products support that.

So what's the advice?
Although buying products that support social cause is good, please be a smart buyer and don't trap into marketers' strategy. The simple way to do it: JUST DONATE TO THE ORGANIZATIONS OF TRUST. Of course I know most poeple want to get something out of it. Then research before you purchase. Make sure there's no or high upper limit for their donation. And make sure the company is fully devoted to the cause. Another suggestion is buying products that aren't over advertised and/or support a less marketed cause.

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World Vision

This is one of my favorite organizations. World Vision is a Christian organization that helps children in the poor countries. It gives emergency aids, encourage people to live, train leaders, and educate people's knowledge toward poor countries. I love it because 1)It spreads the love of God 2)It focuses on children 3)It gives not only physical needs but also emotional/mental needs.

One of my favorite projects they have is to sponsor a HOPE children. There are many children affected by HIV/AIDS in the world. They lost their family, suffered from hunger, and had no access to education.
For just $35 a month you can sponsor a HopeChild in African countries and other countries around the world devastated by HIV/AIDS. You can help turn the tide of the HIV/AIDS pandemic! You can provide things such as:
Clean Water
Nutritious Food
Health Care, Including AIDS Prevention
Care for Sick or Dying Parents
Educational Opportunities
Spiritual Nurture
HIV/AIDS Counseling

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China and Sudan: Deadly Partner


The world is growing impatient. While China prepares to host the 2008 summer games, its failure to stop the Sudanese government’s genocide in Darfur remains shamefully unacceptable. As Sudan’s chief diplomatic sponsor, major weapons provider, and largest foreign investor and trade partner, China has more power than any other nation to convince Sudan to halt the slaughter and stop blocking UN peacekeepers. Yet, China continues to strengthen its economic and military ties with Sudan. How many more will die in Darfur before China acts to end the genocide? (from China, Sudan and the 2008 Summer Games (English) )


世界正日益失去耐心。當中國正在為2008年夏季奧運會做準備時,它卻未能阻止蘇丹政府在達佛進行的無恥,且令人無法接受的種族屠殺。做為蘇丹在外交上的最重要的支持者、主要武器供應商,以及最大的外國投資者和貿易夥伴,中國比任何其他國家更有能力可說服蘇丹停止屠殺和停止阻擾聯合國維和部隊進駐蘇丹。但是,中國卻持續加強與蘇丹的經濟和軍事關係。在中國採取行動以結束種族滅絕屠殺前,不知還會有多少人命喪達佛?(出自 China, Sudan and the 2008 Summer Games (Chinese) )

Find more information in SaveDarfur.org

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Too many people are doing NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this. However, every little things count. Simply understand the situation and tell your friends help.

Find out what you can do in http://www.savedarfur.org/

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